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Chimney Inspection
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Chimney Inspection Mt. Pleasant, NC

A chimney is a fantastic addition to any home. It instantly conjures up beautiful images of a cozy roaring fire, traditional Christmas scenes, and a romantic setting that is the ideal backdrop for any dream date. While these are all potentially accurate and not to be dismissed, it is essential to remember that with great joy often comes great responsibility. In this case, the responsibility is ensuring that you conduct a chimney inspection regularly.

While chimneys can, without a doubt, be super romantic features, their primary focus is of course to control fire and smoke. These are two elements with which you don’t want to be playing around. Employing the services of a professional will help to keep you safe, and allow you to enjoy the cozy glow of your open fire in peace and harmony. You can enjoy a fireplace without any worry about risk or danger to you and your family.

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Chimney Inspection Services
Advantages Of a Chimney Inspection

The services offered by most chimney sweeps will vary. It is vital that you get a free quote or estimate with a full understanding of what is included before you commit. Inspections will generally start with a visual assessment of the fireplace and chimney, to observe the general physical appearance and pick up any glaring issues. This inspection includes checking for any obstructions that may be blocking the chimney, or damage to the overall structure. This occasion is also a great time to check for soot or creosote which may have built up and to sweep out the chimney if this is necessary. A thorough check will also require the home inspection contractor to check out the crawl space, roof, and attic. This measure will ensure that there are no signs of damage or disrepair that could cause a problem or danger down the line. Video scanning may be used to pick up on any more subtle cracks or fissures.

Carbon monoxide is another risk that comes hand-in-hand with a chimney and open fire, and it is crucial that the inspection checks for adequate ventilation to prevent a build-up the gas. Remember that you should always have a carbon monoxide alarm in your home to alert you to any problems straight away. If you do not have an alarm, a harmful gas inspection should regularly take place in your home.

Elite Home Inspection Services

Getting your chimney inspected regularly is essential for safety, and it could have the bonus of saving you from a large repair bill later down the line. Any damage or concerns that the inspector notes in the report can be acted on quickly, giving you a chance to take preventative measures that can save you money. For some homeowners, however, this is an expensive chore. Many will put off inspection for as long as possible, which can lead to further issues.

One and Done Home Inspectors are a company dedicated to helping you make your essential home maintenance checks easier. We offer a complete same-day home inspection service that allows you to tear up your To Do List once and for all. By using one contact, you can arrange for a comprehensive inspection of almost every aspect of your home - including the chimney - and ensure safety, security, and total peace of mind.