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From the roof to the foundation, a home inspection from One & Done is an impartial visual evaluation of the physical construction and structures. The state of the home’s heating system, central air conditioning system, internal plumbing and electrical equipment, roof, attic, and clear foundation would all be evaluated in a typical home inspector’s survey. If issues are discovered, the auditor will assign you to an expert or tradesperson for further examination.

We’ll Help You Be Sure of Your Purchase

Buying a house is likely to be the most significant single expenditure you could ever create. Before you purchase, read as best as you can about the property’s state and the need for some substantial renovations so that you can avoid unwelcome surprises and problems later.

One & Done Home Inspection would, of course, highlight the beneficial qualities of a house as well as the repairs that will be needed to maintain it in good working order. You’ll get a lot better view of the house you’re going to buy after the review, and you’ll be willing to make an informed purchasing decision.

We Will Locate Hazards

If you’ve lived in your house for a long time, a One & Done will spot potential hazards and prescribe preventative steps that might save you money on possible maintenance. Additionally, homebuyers can want to have their home inspected before putting it on the market to understand better any issues that the buyer’s inspector can bring up. This gives you the chance to make repairs that would improve the house’s resale value.

It is recommended that you attend the home inspection with One & Done to learn about the home state, how its processes operate, and how to preserve it by watching and asking questions. When you’ve observed the property firsthand from the inspector’s eyes, you’ll find the written documentation simpler to comprehend.

We’re Your Go-To Experts for Home Inspections

There is no such thing as an ideal home. If the inspector detects issues, that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t purchase the house; it only means you’ll know what to expect ahead of time. A home inspection would not ensure the issues would not arise until you move back.

One & Done is ready to include top-notch home inspection services. Our home inspectors are hand-picked for qualification based on their technological expertise and integrity. We will schedule a Home or Roof Inspection simultaneously as your Termite Inspection, which is another convenient and cost-effective way to satisfy your needs.

We’ve worked hard to inform homeowners of the benefits of professional home inspections. Our commitment to professionalism has earned us the inspection company of choice for several of North Carolina’s leading brokers and real estate agents. We follow InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics at The Elite Group. We also include general liability, E&O, and negligent liability protection. Our mission is to provide every consumer with the finest possible Elite Home Inspection at an affordable price!

What might be more thrilling than purchasing the first home? The discovery of a new city, new neighbors, and acquaintances, and maybe even a whole new perspective on life may be a fascinating process.


Home Inspector Albemarle NC – Complete & Local

If you’re thinking of purchasing a house, whether it’s formerly owned or fresh, make sure you recognize the actual state before you make a bid. A thorough review by a One & Done accredited specialist will be the difference between having your dream home and moving into a nightmare. Inspectors from One & Done look at over 400 products in a household and write reports right away.

A thorough examination of the property:

Provides you with the assurance that you’ve made a wise purchase.

Before you purchase, find out what repairs and investments you’ll need to make.

We will provide you with helpful information about any part of your new house.

Reduces the possibility of unpleasant “surprises” after you’ve moved in.

Through a One & Done home inspection, you’ll see why One & Done provides more shoppers with peace of mind than anybody else in the business.

Leading Home Inspector Albemarle, NC

One & Done Home Inspection Service is North Carolina’s leading home inspection company. Our inspectors are accredited and use cutting-edge inspection equipment to have a thorough written report. We look forward to the chance to give you the peace of mind you deserve by offering a range of services that complement the home inspection. For further details about the resources we provide, please see our services portion.

The inspection phase is crucial when you’re purchasing your first home, a holiday home, or another investment property. Buyers would face unresolved concerns and at the hands of brokers and realtors with vested agendas if it didn’t exist.

The home inspection aims to provide you with honest, impartial, and reputable advice before making one of the most important decisions of your life. One & Done Home Inspections offers comprehensive home inspections at a reasonable price. We welcome you to visit us for a complete walk-through of the home after we’ve done our review. We’ll answer your queries and clarify the home’s components in simple English, leaving you feeling secure and prepared to make difficult decisions.

We’re the Home Inspection Company You Need

One & Done Home Inspections is the home inspection business you’ve been waiting for: experienced, dependable, and professional. With thousands of comprehensive home inspections done for many years in the market, we can assure you that we’ve seen it all and know just where to check for all the problems in the home you need to be aware of. Nobody understands homes as we do, and we’re excited to share our expertise while you read all about your new house and how to care for it.

You will get an email with a connection to your study within 24 hours of the completion of your inspection. It contains all of the property’s essential records, as well as images and videos of the home’s components and any problems discovered during the walk-through. We are still accessible by phone, so please contact us with any queries you might have after getting your report.

Top-Quality Home Inspection Services in Albemarle, NC

We are committed to delivering the finest Albemarle Home Inspection Services to the city and its surrounding areas. Don’t put your present or potential home in the hands of just some Albemarle Home Inspector. Many of our inspectors are accredited by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and are registered in North Carolina (InterNachi). Buyers Inspections, Pre-listing Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Radon Testing, and Sewer Scope Inspections are some of our most used home inspection services.


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If you’re renting, selling, or hoping to remain in your new home indefinitely, it’s critical to determine whether any problems need to be resolved. Our licensed and trained inspectors can locate any possible problems in your existing or prospective home so that you can fix them sooner rather than later, saving you money and making your home a better place to live.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We go beyond and above the North Carolina Home Inspection standards to ensure that our clients understand their homes and what it would take to keep them working reliably and comfortably. But don’t just trust some inspector with your house; use one of our homes, and you’ll have peace of mind!

One & Done Home Inspections was established in Albemarle, North Carolina, by a Professional Engineer and Certified Home Inspector. We agree that everybody needs to live in a clean and well-functioning household, and we are dedicated to improving the inspection process for our customers! We specialize in Albemarle home inspections, but we also serve the whole Albemarle area.

Credited Home Inspections Company in Albemarle

Our inspectors are both accredited in North Carolina and InterNACHI certified. We carry the right equipment to any job (a giant ladder, moisture meter, gas detector, infrared camera, and more) to guarantee that we can spot more secret flaws than the average inspector. We also have some of the industry’s strongest assurances. If you want a home inspection in Albemarle or the nearby suburbs, we are fully prepared to assist you.

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