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As a leading home inspector in Concord, North Carolina, we understand if you have any concerns during the home-buying phase. We will guarantee the best home inspection service to answer all your questions and satisfy your needs. It’s our pleasure to treat every client with the utmost respect and quality while valuing your time and money. Any home inspector you hire can work with you to have the most satisfactory quality service.

One & Done is the best choice for home inspections, commercial property inspections, and environmental monitoring in the Concord area. For many years, we have given excellent inspection services to most Concord, NC customers. Our goal is to have the best inspection services that will cater to all homeowners’ needs.

Comprehensive Services in Concord, NC

Buying a new home is expected to be the most expensive investment you would ever make. And it’s a decision that may have long-term ramifications for you. When making such a significant purchase decision, there is still the possibility of going wrong, so a professional inspection will help reduce that risk and make the whole home buying process easier and less stressful.

All of our customers are strongly advised to attend the inspection with us. You are entitled to ask the investigator any questions you might have during the check. Any problems that exist may be identified and explained by the inspector. The inspector can also tell you about the house’s advantages. We’ll also talk about what kind of routine maintenance is needed to keep the house in good condition. This can assist you in getting the most out of the inspection and proper understanding and managing the services you need.

Don’t Settle for Less

Do you want to live in a secure area? Examine any hidden health issues before making a purchase. We will help you figure out whether the room you choose to buy or rent fits you. We assess potential new homes to ensure that existing homes are built on sites free of substantial natural and human-made interferences. The findings can help negotiate a contract.

Our consultants can physically review the existing condition of the home’s critical systems and functional features, focusing on the performance of the home and its components at a fair rate.

Using some of the most sophisticated home inspection and home testing devices online, our specialist will thoroughlyinspect your home. Within the scope of the review, our home inspectors look at any things that might need improvement, replacement, maintenance, or further inspection.

Home Inspector Concord NC – For Rentals and Homeowners

One & Done Home Inspections is a state-licensed home inspector in North Carolina with many years of practice, backed by industry-certified experts. Our organization prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, flexible scheduling, and detailed inspection reports that help informed decision-making.

Schedule With Us

If you live in North Carolina, we understand if you have a busy schedule. Our company has versatile and easy-to-book scheduling so that you can join us for your home inspection in North Carolina. Can’t attend the inspection process? Don’t be concerned. Our comprehensive inspection reports, along with high-resolution photos, would make you feel as though you were there in person.

We Guarantee Exceptional Service

One & Done Home Inspections can go beyond and above the scope of duty by delivering high-quality care to our customers so that they’ll know how to maintain their homes for years to come. We value your ease and security at One & Done Home Inspections. In Concord, NC, and the nearby areas, we enjoy providing the services you need.

Why Hire Us?

Detail-Oriented Experts

We conduct a thorough investigation, expend sufficient time on site, and conduct image analysis to provide a credible study. We now appeal to consumers who use Facebook and depend on technologies to gather all of the information we need to complete comprehensive work. Our organization is also proud of its employees, who possess the necessary experience and skills for every project.

Values and Education

We’d love to help you understand, so don’t be afraid to join us. A free post-repair review, report interpretation with Zoom, thermal imaging, challenge the inspector for life, and InterNACHI’s buy the house back service are all included in the home inspection.

Covered with Insurance

Professional negligence and omissions insurance, as well as general liability insurance, covers us. Furthermore, without your approval, your report will never be released. You can depend on our services.

5 Star Ratings on Google Review

Our high-quality offerings, backed by years of business expertise, ensure that our ideas and task management are on target. As a result, many homeowners are pleased with our business and professionals.


Are you on the lookout for a good deal? There are a variety of inspectors to choose from and several inexperienced inspectors. We are trusted in what we do, and since we started this company, we have inspected thousands of houses, saving many clients from costly repairs. Please take a look at our Google rankings and see what we’re talking about. They discuss themselves. Now is not the time to save money by hiring an inexperienced home inspection company. Only the strongest would suffice!

Hire Us for Quality Home Inspections

We at One & Done Home Inspections not only have the experience and skills to spot flaws in a home, but we still take the time to educate our consumers about the property’s consistency. We often go to great lengths to locate areas that could need preventative maintenance or seasonal service.

In addition to the home inspection, we provide HVAC, Septic, Well, Roof, Chimney, Radon, Pest, and Pool Inspection facilities. Initial impressions are essential when it comes to hiring a home inspector. The result, though, can render you speechless. Experience, longevity, and researching social media reviews are also essential factors to consider while recruiting a home inspector. Call us at 704-247-1550 right now.


Home Inspector Concord NC – Call Today

One & Done Home Inspections is here to help whether you’ve just bought a new home or are a first-time homeowner. A highly trained expert inspects all homes. Our certified contractor carefully and critically inspects the house during a Healthy Home Inspection. We are still available to offer services and assist you in making informed and confident decisions about your current or future home.

One & Done Home Inspections’ Concord home inspection presents you with all of the information you need to make the right decision on being inspected in a simple, concise, and professional way. Following the home inspection, we give each customer an oral report and a comprehensive electronic report. Make your Concord home inspection appointment today!

Licensed Professionals

At One & Done Home Inspections, several inept home inspectors have come and gone. We will deploy home inspection practitioners who are trained and knowledgeable. If there are some obvious problems, we can recognize them. Make your Concord home inspection appointment today!

In-Depth Work

One & Done Home Inspections’ Concord Licensed Home Inspectors will spend 3 to 4 hours meticulously checking any aspect of the home you’re purchasing, from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. We provide the most cutting-edge home inspection service in the industry. Make your Concord home inspection appointment today!

We welcome you to accompany us for a stroll around the house to inform you of any issues or concerns, discuss “how things work,” stressing more of the positive points, and do any required maintenance.

For your home inspection needs in Concord, NC, and the nearby areas, call One & Done Home Inspections today at 704-247-1550.