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It’s essential to be meticulous if you are a first-time home buyer raising a family or an experienced customer buying an investment house. One & Done Home Inspections is a North Carolina State-Licensed, home inspector with many years of experience in the industry. Our company takes pride in providing top-of-the-line customer support, versatile scheduling, and thorough inspection reports that allow for sound decision-making.

Schedule with One & Done on the Go

If you’re a North Carolina resident, we understand if you’re on a hectic schedule. Our company serves all areas of North Carolina and provides flexible and easy-to-book schedules so that you can join us during your home inspection. Are you unable to make it? Fret not. Our detailed inspection reports, along with high-resolution photographs, would make you feel as though you were present in person.

We Guarantee Exceptional Service

During the inspection, One & Done Home Inspections will go beyond and above the call of duty, providing top-quality services to our clients such that they can leave an appointment learning how to preserve their home for years to come.

If you have queries about your home or our services, we’d be happy to discuss them. At One & Done Home Inspections, we care about your convenience and comfort. We enjoy giving the services you need in Huntersville, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Why Do Huntersville Homeowners Like Us?

Attention to Detail

We ensure research, spend adequate time on site, and provide image analysis to generate a reliable report. We now cater to our customers who use Facebook and use the technology to get everything we need to provide detailed work. Our company also takes pride in our staff who have the basic knowledge and skill for any project.

Education and Value

Our experience would be readily apparent on-site, by countless web feedback, and in our studies. Don’t be afraid to join us because we love to teach. The home inspection also involves a free post-repair inspection, report analysis with Zoom, thermal imaging, question the inspector for life, and InterNACHI’s buy the house back service.

Confidential and Insured

We are covered by technical negligence and omissions protection as well as general liability insurance. Furthermore, your report would never be published without your permission. So, you can trust us on every service that we provide.

5 Star Google Review

Our quality services backed with years of experience in the industry will assure you that our solutions and handling of jobs are on point. That is why many homeowners are left satisfied with our company and experts.

Industry Veteran

Are you looking for the right deal? There are multiple inspectors to pick from, as well as many young inspectors with no experience. We are trusted with what we do and have reviewed thousands of buildings since we began this venture, saving many clients from expensive repairs. Only take a look at our Google ratings. They talk about themselves. Now is not the time to cut corners by recruiting an incompetent home inspection firm. Just the strongest will do!

We Have Everything for Your Home Inspection Needs

At One & Done Home Inspections, we not only have the expertise and qualifications to detect deficiencies in a home, but we also take the time to provide customers with knowledge and appreciation of the property’s quality. We are always pleased to address any concerns our clients can have about the various systems in their house. We also make every effort to identify places that could need preventative maintenance or seasonal operation.

We also have HVAC, Septic, Well, Roof, Chimney, Radon, Pest, and Pool Inspection services, in addition to the home inspection. When it comes to recruiting a home inspector, initial experiences are crucial. However, the result can still leave you speechless. Purchasing a house is likely to be the best purchase you could ever create. When it comes to hiring a home inspector, experience, longevity, and researching social media feedback can be the top priorities. Call us today at 704-247-1550


Home Inspector Huntersville NC – Complete

One & Done Home Inspections is the leading North Carolina Home Inspector, and we understand your questions throughout the home buying process. You deserve the best home inspection experience available. We handle our clients as though they are our own time, resources, and land.

We will do everything to maximize the worth of your money. Any home inspector you hire would collaborate with you to achieve the best performance possible. You can also read our customers’ feedback on our website if you’re wondering about our jobs and performance reviews.


One & Done is the best option for home inspections, industrial property inspections, and environmental monitoring in the Huntersville area. We have also provided exceptional inspection services to most Huntersville, NC, clients for many years. Our mission is to offer the finest inspection services available while still giving back to the city.

Complete Services in Huntersville, NC

Purchasing a new house is most likely the largest purchase you would ever create. And it is a choice that can have long-term consequences for you. When making such an extensive purchasing choice, there is still some danger involved, so a competent inspection can significantly decrease the risk and help make the whole home buying phase simpler and less stressful.

Join us During the Inspection

All of our clients are highly encouraged to join us during the inspection. During the check, you can feel free to ask the investigator any concerns you might have. The inspector can identify and explain any issues that arise. The inspector will even inform you of the house’s strong points. In addition, we will discuss what regular maintenance is needed to maintain the house in good shape. This will help you get the best out of the inspection and better understand the structures that comprise your house and manage them.

You Deserve An Excellent Home

Do you want to live in a safe neighborhood? Before you buy, look at some latent health problems. We assist you in determining if the room you choose to purchase, or rent, is correct for you. We evaluate prospective new homes to ensure that current houses are constructed on sites clear of significant natural and artificial interferences. Findings may help negotiate a deal.

Our experts will visually inspect the current state of the home’s main structures and available functionality, emphasizing the home’s and its components’ output for a reasonable cost.

Our expert will thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom, using some of the most advanced home inspection and home testing equipment available. Our home inspectors locate any items within the inspection framework that may require repair, replacement, maintenance, or additional inspection.



Home Inspector Huntersville NC – Put it Under a Microscope Today

If you have only purchased a new home or a new homeowner, our Home Inspectors are here to satisfy your home inspection needs. A specially qualified specialist inspects both residences. During a Healthy Home Inspection, our trained inspector examines the house thoroughly and objectively. We are always ready to provide services and help you make educated and confident choices concerning your present or prospective residence.

Our Huntersville home inspection at One & Done Home Inspections provides you with the details you need to make an informed judgment regarding the property being examined in a straightforward, concise, and competent manner. Following the home inspection, we provide all consumers with an oral report and a complete electronic report. Make an appointment for your Huntersville home inspection today!

Licensed Professionals

Many incompetent home inspectors have come and gone at One & Done Home Inspections. We provide you with qualified and experienced home inspection professionals. If there are some apparent issues, we will identify them. We’ll still try our utmost to highlight any positives that come to our attention. Make an appointment for your Huntersville home inspection today!

Detailed Work with Our Home Inspector Huntersville NC Services

Our Huntersville Licensed Home Inspectors at One & Done Home Inspections will spend 3 to 4 hours carefully inspecting all facets of the home you are buying, from the roof to the base and everything in between. We provide the most innovative home inspection service in the sector. Make an appointment for your Huntersville home inspection today!

We invite you to walk around the house with us to remind you about any problems or questions, talk about “how things run,” emphasizing all of the good aspects, and provide the necessary maintenance.

Call One & Done Home Inspections today at 704-247-1550 for your home inspection needs and the best real estate in Huntersville, NC, and the surrounding areas.