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Having a pool is one of the greatest luxuries you can enjoy as a homeowner. It opens the door to a vast range of enjoyable opportunities. You can have lavish summer pool parties or relax on hot summer days in the most luxurious of ways. As with any reward, however, you have responsibilities with owning a pool. One of these responsibilities is ensuring your pool is always safe, secure, and in excellent condition. A regular pool inspection is vital for maintaining this. An inspection is an integral part of responsible pool ownership.

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Pool Inspection Services

Pool Inspection Safety & Protocol

While pools can be great privileges and a lot of fun, they also have the potential to be dangerous if they are not maintained and cared for correctly. An inspection should be carried out by an experienced home inspection contractor in this area, and who is insured to inspect pools. Some home inspectors will omit this due to potential liability issues. But you always want to ensure your safety and that of your family.

They will start by checking the physical condition of the pool. Are there any cracks or damage that can be seen? Is it easy to get in and out of the pool? Are the ladders and surroundings in good condition? Safety features such as handrails, gates, and fencing will also be checked for any damage. There will be a focus on electrical aspects such as any heaters or lights that are included. This inspection is super important, as electricity and water can be a dangerous combination! The home inspector will also check filters and pumps to ensure that there are no issues and that everything is operating as it should. The inspector will monitor the pool lining for any cracks or damage that could lead to more serious problems.

North Carolina Pool Inspection

Keeping your pool in the best condition and having it inspected regularly are essential. Inspections will ensure your safety, but they will also save you money over the long term. If the inspection report flags an issue, the homeowner can take action early on. This early red flag usually means that the problem or damage can be repaired at a lower cost before the problem gets any worse. The inspector will also be able to provide details on the areas on which to focus. The inspector will give the owner a clear plan to follow to bring the pool and surrounding area back up to standard.

As we have mentioned, it is a reasonably rare home inspection company that will agree to include pools in your check due to the problems that can occur. Luckily, One and Done Home Inspectors are not part of this crowd. We are proud to include a full pool inspection as one of our ample services. In many cases, there is the bonus of same-day appointments following your free quote or estimate! This convenient service is a fantastic way for you to check off all your essential home maintenance tasks. You can easily maintain a safe and secure environment that you can enjoy with total peace of mind.