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Radon Inspection Charlotte NC

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Radon Inspection in Charlotte NC

Of all the gases and chemicals that can invade your home, radon is without a doubt one of the scariest. It is colorless and has no smell, meaning that it has the potential to be present in your home without you noticing for an extended period. A regular radon inspection is essential for safety, and a test must be carried out to determine and establish its presence. While you can potentially test for radon gas with a ‘DIY’ kit, for the best results, the test should be carried out by an approved home inspection contractor from a licensed and authorized company. Any test used to determine the presence of radon must be fully EPA-approved.

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Causes For Radon Testing In NC

One of the significant causes of radon gas in your home comes from a very unexpected source: soil. Radon gas is created when radioactive chemicals decay. These chemicals occur naturally in rocks and stones in the soil. If the ground on which your home is built contains radon, it can make its way up through gaps and cracks. This makes it particularly prevalent in underground basements and similar structures.

As well as the rocks and stones outside your home, it is essential to be aware of the presence of radon in any natural stone inside your property. Granite is a common culprit, and countertops are often a surprising source of radon gas inside the home. Remember that there is no safe amount, and all emissions should be considered dangerous.

If you have a well on your property, the water contained within it could be another potential source of radon gas, especially if this water comes from an aquifer. Because well water is in constant, close contact with soil and rocks, the chances of it containing the substance are higher. Radon can be released into your home when you wash, brush your teeth, or clean your dishes.

Regular Radon Testing In Charlotte NC

High levels of radon in your home have the potential to cause serious health issues, including lung cancer. So, it is imperative that you have your home regularly checked. If you know that you live in an area that is particularly at risk, it is a good idea to schedule a regular inspection to ensure that you are kept consistently safe. For example, you may have found radon in the house before and want to check for its presence again. Or you know that neighbors and surrounding properties have had issues in the past.

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