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Your roof is an essential part of the structure of your home. It needs the closest care and attention to ensure that the rest of your property is safe and secure. A regular roof inspection is a proactive step that should be on everyone's maintenance list. It can play a large part in picking up and addressing significant issues before they have a chance to get out of hand.

Getting your roof inspected regularly is hugely important, but it can also work out to be pretty expensive. Calling One and Done Home Inspectors is a great way to make sure you are receiving top-quality service. We provide same-day service at a price you can afford. Our services allow you to carry out the essential checks and inspections that may be long overdue on your property. We offer a free quote or estimate beforehand, which means there will be no risk of nasty surprises. Why not kill many birds with a single stone and get all your household maintenance tasks checked off in one step!

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Roof Inspection Company

What Causes The Need For a Roof Inspection Service

There is a vast range of issues that can occur with your roof. Contrary to popular opinion, roofs are surprisingly more vulnerable than you may have thought. They are subject to a high level of stress and damage. Weather is the biggest culprit and tends to cause the most destruction. Cold and adverse weather brings with it wind and frost. Inclement weather can damage or misplace roof tiles, cause ice to develop and form in cracks, and weaken the overall structure and strength of the roof. The build-up of heavy snow can also be a significant cause of damage.

Animals are another common factor in roof damage. Birds tend to make their nests in the cozy gutters. This can put stress and pressure on the roof. And it can attract other animals and pests, such as rats and mice. These creatures are sure to try and find their way into the warmth of your house by any means necessary, including nibbling and chewing at anything in their way. Plants and vegetation can also offer their fair share of damage. Particularly problematic are climbers such as ivy, which has a natural determination to make its way into cracks and spread.

The Best Roof Inspectors Around

It is imperative that you call in professionals when it comes to something as important as the roof. You will need a licensed contractor who has experience in this area. Their services will usually include both an exterior and an interior inspection, and a good-quality company will offer both as standard services.

Exterior checks focus on the outside, looking for any potential leaks or ice dams that have formed. An inspector will check the condition of the tiles and guttering. They will also note and report any areas that appear to be sagging, or signs of rot and mold. These could both be indicators of a more serious issue. If your roof is accompanied by a chimney, our chimney inspection team offers same day service so you can check all of your boxes. Interior checks are also essential and will examine ventilation, insulation, the build-up of moisture, and any signs of damage or mold that may occur. Call us today for your one stop shop home inspection services!