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Septic System Inspection

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Septic Tank Inspection Mt. Pleasant NC

It may not be glamorous, but a septic inspection is an essential part of keeping your services and systems up and running efficiently. An inspection is a crucial requirement of home maintenance.

Septic systems are prevalent in homes throughout the US, and thus, understanding them is essential for homeowners. They are set up to remove any waste from your home. They work by taking the collected waste and water from showers, sinks, and toilets, and filtering the water. The waste will settle to the bottom, where it is broken down by naturally occurring bacteria. The water separates and rises to the top, where it passes through an absorption area - a series of pipes connecting the drain field and the septic tank. This water then redistributes into the ground. The process is designed to benefit the environment and decreasing the amount of pollution found in water and soil.

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Septic Tank Inspection Cost Benefits

It is a good idea to have a full septic inspection done before you commit to purchasing a house. It is better to unearth any nasty hidden surprises early on than when you have handed over cash and signed on the dotted line! Once you have committed to a house with this system, most experts recommend that you have your tank inspected every three to five years. This schedule is essential, not only for your finances but also for your health and wellbeing. Neglecting your septic tank allows problems to build up and develop, such as it possibly contaminating your well water. By the time you catch the issue from a well inspection service, the price could have increased to dizzying levels.

It is worth noting that installing a new septic system can cost you anything from $6,000-$12,000. Some quotes can reach figures as high as $25,000, depending on the placement in the home and the soil conditions. A regular inspection will help you to catch any problems early on, allowing for a quick fix at a far lower cost. Failing to spot problems, or regularly pump the tank, can also result in a build-up of harmful bacteria that can have dangerous consequences for your health. So, a regular check by our qualified home inspection professionals is essential.

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Some studies report that homeowners often neglect this area of household maintenance. It is a messy and unpleasant job. But this can lead to costly repairs and a serious impact on your health. Many homeowners are put off by the high costs and time it can take for an inspection. This is our chance to step in and offer you a helping hand.

As a company that specializes in comprehensive, full-service home inspections, we have the tools and abilities to offer a professional, qualified contractor. They will carry out the inspection and a range of other household tasks, often as part of a fantastic same-day service. Call us today for a free quote/estimate. You could take care of all your maintenance tasks in a straightforward visit, saving you time, money, and the stress of putting off another critical job.