Home Inspection Weddington NC

Need a home inspection? You won’t find a better option in the Weddington area than One & Done Home Inspections. We provide comprehensive reports that highlight every detail of your home—from good to bad. You’ll be left with an actionable plan to improve the value, safety, and longevity of your house, and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing where you stand.

Our services include the whole inspection option gambit—hence the name—One & Done. We aim to be the only call you have to make for all your inspection needs. This includes septic, well, chimney, roof, HVAC, and pool inspections, as well as pest evaluation and radon testing.

Home Inspection Weddington NC

You don't have to order the whole package, either. Alongside our whole-home inspections, we also offer all the system inspections detailed above as stand-alone services. This allows you to save time and money by only having the areas of your home you're concerned about inspected if you wish. It's just one more thing we do to help offer the good people of Weddington affordable inspection services.

We’re a family-owned company, and we’re committed to the community. We recognize the health risks an improper, incomplete inspection can result in, and that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure absolute accuracy in all our reports.

If you find yourself searching for a home inspector in Weddington, give One & Done a call. We’d be more than happy to help.

About Weddington, NC

Weddington is a town in Union County in the state of North Carolina. The average household income as of the 2010 census was approximately $132,000. Weddington is one of the most affluent cities in North Carolina.

Schools in Weddington spend approximately $8,083 per students. Further, 579 students share one librarian, 379 students share one counselor, and on average, each teacher is only responsible for 16 children. As you can imagine, public schools in Weddington are highly rated.

Summer in Weddington is muggy and hot, and the winter is wet and extremely cold. There are 210 sunny days on average per year and the warmest month is July, while January is the coldest. Weddington gets 44 inches of rain on average annually.