Things You Should Know Before Calling A Home Inspector

Home InspectorFinding a home inspector might be easier when we have the right connections. But getting a sort of background check about the home inspector can be a bit challenging, especially if this is your first time getting a home inspection. If you are confused about what to do before calling a home inspector, One and Done Home Inspections will help you get through this dilemma and get the best home inspector for your new purchase home. 

When searching for our dream place, we are often tempted to choose houses with eye-catching looks. Modern houses are getting popular nowadays. But the question is, can it stand numerous extreme weather conditions over the coming years? Can it ensure security and convenience in the long run? This is why One and Done Home Inspections serve people to provide quality service to homeowners.

Here are things you should know before calling a home inspector.

Offered Services

Knowing the variety of services that a home inspector can provide is important. This will inform you of their capabilities in inspecting home systems, components, and structures. Some home inspectors focus more on the physical components of the house, while some are very meticulous about every component. A skilled home inspector can deliver a thorough inspection process even if the house is quite big and has a larger space. You can check the services offered by a home inspection company through their website page. 

Performance Ratings and Reviews

There are lots of home inspectors that can provide inspection services for your home. But the question is, have they achieved high-performance ratings and reviews from their former clients? Are they well-known for their quality skills and services? You can check on the reviews of your preferred home inspections through their webpage. Find the customer reviews section and read positive and negative comments from former clients. This is a wise move before calling the home inspector to avoid regrets and dissatisfaction later on. 

Offers Insurance for Inspection Errors

Suppose there are inspection errors or structural components that have not been inspected well and eventually leads to unexpected accidents which need urgent repairs. In that case, the cost can be covered by the home inspector through insurance or bonds. This is a great deal for homeowners since this will save a lot of money in their house maintenance budget. If you are still searching for your home inspector, you might want to ask if they have insurance for inspection errors. It is always a good thing to ask first before you decide. After all, house buying is a big investment and asset. Better choose wisely.

Duration of Their Inspection Process

Best home inspectors do not base their work on how much the client can pay in return. Ask the home inspector how long the home inspection may take. If their service is just for an hour, then you better reject their offer. Home inspections are difficult tasks and should be given a lot of preparation and work hours, especially if the house that will be inspected is bigger than the average. A thorough home inspection might take more than 2 hours. If your home inspector is spending less than two hours in-home inspection, there could be a possibility that they are not inspecting enough. We don’t want this for our house, right? We have to make sure that the home inspector we have called will give us the security and convenience we deserve. 

Truthful and Transparent to their Clients

Making full home inspection reports is an important job of home inspectors. They have to convey the truth about the condition of the house. They will remain transparent to their clients even if the clients are not happy with it. A good home inspector can explain the home inspection report comprehensively to the client to understand the situations and possible circumstances. Ask their former clients or read some reviews about how they are during the inspection. If the home inspector does not even let the homeowner join the inspection process, that can mean poor quality service that they do not want the homeowners to know. 

At One and Done Home Inspections, we always make sure that our clients will be satisfied, secured and comfortable with their new home. If you are looking for a home inspector to inspect your preferred house, grab your phone and call our customer service hotline. Immediately schedule home inspections with our certified, professional home inspectors. We offer various home inspection services that will satisfy your needs. Call us now!