When Do You Need to Schedule an HVAC Inspection?

HVAC InspectionDoes your air conditioning unit need some repair? Does the heating system show malfunctions that it can’t keep your home warm during winter? Do you have a new building that did not get through inspections yet?  Then this may be a sign that you need an HVAC inspection right away. When it comes to HVAC services, get help from the experts at One and Done Home Inspections. We are the leading company in NC with skilled professionals in various aspects like home inspection, hvac inspection, septic, well, roof, chimney, radon, pest, and pool inspection services. 

HVAC, or what we know as Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, are unit systems that keep our home warm and cold depending on the current weather condition. HVAC is just as important as your other home appliances. You don’t want to settle alone, burning woods in the chimney just to keep your members warm. Having a heating system can give you the comfort of a warm and cozy home even if you are sleeping. The air conditioning unit keeps your place humid and cold, especially in summer and springtime. You will no longer worry about spending your time at home in a hot climate. That is why getting it checked by the best inspection team at least every year or twice will ensure its functionality and life span.  

So when do you really need to schedule an HVAC inspection? Of course, it would be very convenient to book for an inspection before using your heating or cooling systems, especially when it gets really handy. To help you get through this process, here are some guiding tips on scheduling an HVAC inspection.

Before the Weather Gets Warmer or Colder

Of course, getting our HVAC system inspected before winter or summer is a very important task. We have to get ready for winter, right? And making sure that the heating system is ready for use will ease any worries and lessen our burden for winter maintenance chores. And you don’t want your wife to get mad just because the air conditioning is not running smoothly. HVAC systems need some maintenance, cleaning, and tuning schedules for betting performance, efficient energy run, and guaranteed life span. How will you ensure a proper maintenance schedule for your HVAC units?  Our professional inspection team can provide a rescue router home plan to schedule cleaning and tune-up of your HVAC system. Through this, you will no longer worry about forgetting when the next inspection should be done. Our team will cover the work for you and your home. 

Signs of System Malfunctions

If your HVAC systems seem to have disturbing noises, odd odor, or it dispenses warm air rather than cold air or gives you higher energy bills, these could be signs of a system malfunction. You should consider hiring someone to inspect it immediately and assess if the problem can still be fixed or should be replaced entirely. Often, we don’t realize how quickly the year passed, and our heating and cooling system needs some repairs or replacement. This could be a disadvantage of not having a home plan inspection, and you just wake up with a system malfunction on your HVAC system. When signs of faulty HVAC systems like leaking fluids, odd odor, and uneven distribution of air quality become evident, call One and Done Home Inspections for help. We’ll let our local inspection team do the inspection, repair, and reinforcement for your home. 

New Building or Home Renovations

Do you have a new commercial building or a fully renovated home? Then get it scheduled for an HVAC inspection. It is a mandatory law that any buildings or real estate properties should go through an inspection process. This is to make sure that the building is safe and is ready for occupancy. The requirement for homeowners or real estate owners starts with submitting a plan, securing a permit, installation process, inspection process, re-inspection for some changes and renovations, and permit closing. Thus, this only implies that getting your HVAC system inspected by licensed professionals is a very important job before getting your home occupied. HVAC installations should be done carefully since electrical systems will be applied. One needs to make sure that it is installed properly to prevent future accidents like overheating or electrical problems. 

Seasonal Cleanup and Maintenance Schedules

If your HVAC is not running smoothly and it needs clean up or maintenance, getting it inspected first will be a great deal rather than spending money immediately for an unknown cause. Same with our home units like water tanks, septic tanks, pipelines, and many more, HVAC should also be scheduled for a clean-up and maintenance procedures to ensure that the system will smoothly run for a long period. The recommended HVAC inspection should be at least twice a year during seasonal changes before winter and summer or before the weather gets colder or warmer. Do not get an HVAC inspection when it is precisely summertime. That is when the inspection companies are the busiest. Getting an HVAC inspection before the season changes is the best choice to have the best result and quality clean-up and maintenance services. With the help of our local inspection team, we will ensure that your HVAC is ready to use before the weather changes. 

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